Welcome to Montana Legends

With more than 75,000 acres of privately-owned, prime Montana property, we are able to offer you varied ranches on which to hunt. Each ranch has its own topography and its own personality. The Diamond Ring Ranch is located in Miles City, the heart of Custer County in Eastern Montana. The ranch has a variation of flat river bottoms, grass meadows, rolling hills, flat benches and rough breaks. It also fronts the Yellowstone River for several miles, where walleye, pike and catfish are plentiful. The vastness of The Diamond Ring Ranch creates an ideal habitat for many wildlife species. Wildlife found on the ranch includes mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, pheasant, wild turkey, grouse, partridge, ducks and geese. The vast majority of our birds will be hunted on The Pryor Creek Ranch located in Yellowstone County, Southeast of Billings.

We have put together a group of professional hunting guides who are dedicated to providing you with a quality hunt each and every time you book with us. With over 100 years of combined hunting experience, we do not view this as our profession but live it as our passion. With a healthy respect for the land and the responsibility that comes with managing it wisely, we look forward to letting you experience the thrill that accompanies tracking and shooting quality birds and game. Our long-range plans include building a lodge where hunters can gather after the day’s hunt to relax, enjoy a good meal and share the day’s experiences. Our immediate goal, however, is to share with you what makes Montana hunting so special – the land.